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BFI Residential Academy: Programming – Training and Development

For the last two years we’ve been delighted to help support the BFI Residential Academy: Programming, a week long course designed and delivered by the Showroom Cinema for young people aspiring to work in the film industry. The participants got a whole range of experience from seeing loads of films to undertaking workshops with industry experts from all sorts of areas of expertise in the film sector. It is always an amazing week and an amazing chance to explore what possible future careers and opportunities in the film sector might be. We recently helped support the 2017 Academy by providing the participating teams with access to the BoomBeam platform to create a microsite as part of their project.

One of the key elements of the course is for the participants to split into groups and each develop a proposal for a film season reflecting a theme of their choice. Each year brings forth a great mix of themes for the seasons and at the end of the week the teams all pitch to industry influencers for funding to actually make their season happen for real.

As well as using the BoomBeam platform to create a microsite and scheduler for the academy we wanted to put it at the disposal of the teams. This would allow them to create a simple website to promote their experience, and explore the potential of content to help involve and develop audiences before, during and after their seasons.

It was a great experience in seeing how the platform can quickly and simply empower novice users to create an impactful digital presence and generate rich content.

We ran a couple of training sessions during the week and shared some basic documentation with the teams. Our first request was that they supply us with some basic inputs to give their seasons an identity – a logo, some typefaces chosen from google fonts, some colour suggestions and imagery to express their brand. We were blown away with the creativity shown by some of the groups and would have been pretty proud of some of the efforts if they’d been from our team working on projects for clients.

You can see the 2017 team websites here:

Imperfect Protagonist

Shifting Focus

The Truth of Combat

Who We Are

I See You

It was heartening to see how easy the teams found it to create film pages for the programme in the festival and support this with reviews and commentary to deliver content rich sites that showed real thought and insight around the interests of their potential audiences.

Overall it’s always a great to road test for BoomBeam as a tool that can really enhance the experience of education and training as well as “live” festivals, events and experiences and to see the potential of the platform as a simple tool to use on film courses and film schools as a means of adding a digital dimension to deliverables for projects and assessments.

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