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New Horizons Film Festival – Wroclaw – Live Cinema EU Project

As part of the Live Cinema EU project, funded by the Creative Europe Media Desk, we worked with the amazing New Horizons Film Festival based in Wroclaw, Poland.

The T-Mobile New Horizons (Nowe Horyzonty) Film Festival is a well established, large, city based film festival. Running across multiple venues around the city, from purpose built cinemas to outdoor screens and bespoke screenings in specific locations.

The festival team had already been involved in the workshop sessions earlier on in the project. This stage of the project was implementing the Live Cinema activity and needed our help with the digital platform and audience interaction functionality.

Photo Rafał Ogrodowczyk

The programming team had decided to run a series of pop-up cinemas in and around Wroclaw, using the film To Each His Own Cinema. The venues/locations were selected, when possible, based on their relationship with cinema in Wroclaw or associated with the directors who’d contributed to To Each His Own Cinema (Chacun son cinéma) – for example the erotic cinema used by Roman Polanski in his contribution – Cinéma érotique.

Photo Rafał Ogrodowczyk

To support this programme BoomBeam deployed a live cinema microsite and used the ticket system usually used for validation of voting, to create a physical interaction between attendees of the pop-up events and the organisers. The ticket displayed a unique URL that brought the audience member to a page about the event with supporting content and a curated recommendations list from the programming team about other films happening at the main festival that might interest them if they’d enjoyed the pop-up screening. Each of these events also held details about the next pop-up event.

The events themselves were augmented with mime artists and actors, who played varying roles around the film content being screened.

The finale was at an engineering institute in the city centre, that had an old cinema screen in the building, called NOT. Following a similar format to the pop-ups, the evening consisted of a live interaction event, with audience members participating an initial introduction performed by the actors, who played the role of the cinema manager, usher and cleaner at the venue, followed by a screening of the first series of films in the old cinema screen. The audience were then invited on a tour of the building at which point they were introduced to 3 other screening rooms based on different themes, where they could wander freely between rooms, watching the remaining To Each His Own Cinema shorts.

After the finale they were prompted to complete an online questionnaire specific to the screening with the added incentive of a random festival related prize for all participants.

The BoomBeam poll functionality was used to create unique polls for each of the events, allowing us to collect very targeted audience feedback. The physical ticket created an interaction point that encouraged participation and curiosity for the audience, creating an on-going relationship between the audience member and the programme of films and hopefully the wider festival, with the aim of taking people from the interactive live events to more European film content.

BoomBeam also deployed localisation of content and key navigation items, to ease the user experience via use of the local language.

The site is still live currently and can be viewed here:

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