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BoomBeam for film events

Helping enhance the experience delivered by cinematic events

More and more events are pioneering and innovative, involving film experiences which make use of audience participation, unusual locations and live enhancement of the cinema experience. Our event products include simple, easy to build high impact microsites or interactive digital apps – incorporating simple tools for audience involvement, through to more complex platforms ideal for running multiple events with multiple identities. These can be run off a single CMS and allow event promoters to develop audiences over time.

  • Designed to be used to quickly and easily generate high impact microsites for one off events.
  • Or as an ongoing CMS incorporating functionality designed with cinema in mind, to manage multiple events and co-ordinate audience development.

In addition BoomBeam can work as a consulting team, to help you to create one off bespoke digital experiences for your film event. We can work with you to develop these bespoke experiences or work with you in a consultative manner with existing development teams. You can read more about this on our consulting page, or get in touch to find out more.

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