BoomBeam BoomBeam

BoomBeam for film festivals

Meeting the needs of festivals of all shapes and sizes

We’re here to make the lives of people who run film festivals easier. We’ve built our platform around the real life needs of busy, successful festivals. We’ve tailored the services the platform offers around festival needs and continue to work in dialogue with all our clients, to develop new functions and to help in new ways. We want to make it easier for festival organisers to create experiences that support and build their audiences, and easier for audiences to experience the festival and be part of that experience. We know there is no typical film festival, so we offer a flexible series of options for different sizes, scales and needs.

  • Designed to support organisation and growth for mini festivals, medium festivals and the world’s largest festivals.
  • Can be integrated into existing platforms, work for organisations seeking a completely new digital platform or form the basis of a completely bespoke approach to creating a new digital platform.

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