BoomBeam BoomBeam

Content to attract audiences

Content helps build audiences. Audiences can help build content. BoomBeam is designed to make it easy to add content generated in and around the festival experience, for festival stakeholders to add and amend content; to generate content from audience interaction and to make it easy to allow users to comment and contribute via dialogue and forums. Curation and automation can personalise the delivery of this to audience members whose interests and content can be used to create “in festival” experiences via screens at the festival.

  • Curated content delivery
  • Algorithm driven content delivery
  • Personalised recommendations
  • Realtime data feeds
  • Pre, during and post festival content

“We know that audience development works by involving people in the experience and being able to connect with existing creators and shapers of communities. BoomBeam helped us involve zine writers, bloggers, feminists and film viewers in creating and sharing content and creating a rich online experience to complement the film season” TTIN

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