BoomBeam BoomBeam

Making organising easier

BoomBeam is designed to help simplify key tasks so organisers can focus more of their time on curating and delivering the festival experience. It helps with the full cycle of festival planning and administration from managing film submissions to helping make sure volunteers are in the right place at the right time. Spend less time on organising and more time creating amazing film experiences.

Management tools to simplify:

  • Film submissions
  • Screenings and scheduling
  • Presenter schedules
  • Programme management

“There is always loads of work involved in making sure presenters have the right information and judges comments when they introduce screenings. BoomBeam create a seamless process, from judges submitting their comments to those being available as notes integrated with the presenter’s schedules. I sort of miss the epic spreadsheets and notes pages we used to use. But not really” Jenny SHAFF

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