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What it costs

Our pricing model is based on the size of your organisation or event and the scope of your requirements. The platform can be used as regular, film focussed, content management system or developed into a full digital platform for your organisation or event, run by your team. If required, we can offer full support to organisations to deliver a bespoke digital experience that suits your need.

We offer a range of subscriptions for different configurations of our core platform starting from around £40 per month. In addition to the core platform we can support your use of BoomBeam with integration support, design and development, customisation, hosting, training and more.

Every film organisation is different and has different needs and will make use of our platform in different ways. We’ve avoided a one size fits all pricing model and will tailor your package to meet your needs. We’re very aware of the funding and resourcing challenges faced by organisations operating in this sector and have worked with some to complete funding proposals to develop their digital experience to assist with this.

These costs are indicative, but demonstrate the range of pricing we can make available for the platform. Additional design and support costs would be dependent on the individual needs of each organisation.

Simplified version of BoomBeam tailored for bloggers and film communities: starting from £40 per month / £480 per year + initial set-up cost.

BoomBeam for small film festivals and mini seasons:  Starting from £150 per month / £1,800 per year + initial set-up cost.

BoomBeam for larger festivals, organisations, events and film seasons: Starting from £450 per month / £5,400 per year + initial set-up cost.

We’d love to talk to you about how BoomBeam could help take your film experience to the next level and make a custom pricing package that suits your needs. Call us on 0114 2210258 for a chat.

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