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TTIN – A community driven season of gender equality film

We were approached by the team from the Showroom Cinema to ask if we could help provide a digital platform to support a nationwide film season that they were planning around gender equality.

We worked with the team to create an editorial process driven content platform, that allowed them to engage and develop a theme focussed community around the subject matter. We believed that through the delivery of wider content formats (i.e. written and visual content outside of the film content), we could develop a trusted and focussed community about the important subject of gender equality and encourage participants to explore other films within the same genre.

Working with the editorial team that the Showroom created, we engaged not only with the gender equality community, allowing anyone interested to become a contributor, but also the venues and organisations that were going to be participating in the season of film.

The project was launched with the premier of Suffragette, giving it the catapult into the conversation it needed. The wider season of film content was made available and participating venues were given a national, cohesive platform to talk about their activity. Giving small community cinema projects the same national priority as the larger independent cinemas participating in the project.

Using polls via the platform we were able to gain audience insights into who was participating and engaging with the content and visiting the various venues. In addition we gained insights about which films where being watched and where. The project managed to hit it’s targeted audience with reassuring accuracy. The TTIN community continues to this day to promote gender equality focussed content.

The feedback from venues and organisations alike was very positive and embracing.

You can view the TTIN project here.

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